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Hluhluwe Game Reserves, KwaZulu-Natal
Hluhluwe iMfolozi Reservations

Name: Ann Brown
Date: 16 May 2015
Hilltop Camp - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Game Reserve

Morning Keith

A belated thank you for booking our trip to Hilltop. All went smoothly, we really enjoyed our time there. The roads need some repair, lots of potholes, when driving one is looking at the road and not the bush! Many tourists in the park which was very nice to see.

Kind Regards

Name: Stephen & Pepe
Date: 3 March 2015
Kruger National Park, Nkomazi Game Reserve, Hluhluwe iMfolozi Game Reserve & Zimanga Private Game Reserve

Dear Keith,

We returned to London on Tuesday 24th and since then we have been talking about the fabulous holiday that we just had all the time.

In Durban, apart from eating, our favourite activity, in Little Havana, Harvey's and tea at The Oyster Box which was quite overwhelming, we did little else. But we managed to go to the theatre and saw a great production of "Geeves and Wooster", which was hilarious, with a cast of three playing all the characters.
We also attended a wonderful concert at the Town Hall.

The four days we spent in the Drakensberg Mountains were beautiful although exhausting to climb. We enjoyed the Champagne Castle very much. Both food and views were excellent, but if,and when we return we might go back to "The Drakensberg Sun".

However,the highlight our our trip without doubt was The Kruger Park and game reserves. All thanks to you. Without your wealth of knowledge, guidance, patience and understanding, we would have missed so much. We cant thank you enough for being our guide,and mentor in so many ways. Hopefully we will see you again, either here in London, or South Africa.

With our sincere good wishes,
Stephen and Pepe

Name: Thomas Fraenzer
Date: 20 February 2015
Berg-En-Dal Rest Camp in Kruger National Park & Mpila Camp in Hluhluwe iMfolozi Game Reserve

Hi Keith,

Back in Germany it is time to say thank you. Everything was very good and we enjoyed every moment.

Kind regards
Thomas Fraenzer

Name: Alice May
Date: 14 October 2014
Mpila Camp, Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

Hey Keith,

Just have to tell you, we just got back and had the most amazing stay! I wish we had stayed longer but we will come again! We were number 5!!! So lucky!
Thank you! Was so special and we just adore the bush!

Will tell everyone about you for bookings!

Let me know specials when you have them. We are flexi as we work for ourselves and love a special! 

Warm regards,

Name: Christine Cooper
Date: 23 September 2014
Hluhluew iMfolozi Game Reserve & Kruger Game Reserve

Hello Lisa,

I just wanted to thank you for your help with organising bookings for our recent trip to South Africa. We had a wonderful time and all the bookings you made for us worked like clockwork - we had no issues with our accommodation or bookings for night drives when we arrived at each camp. Both Hluhluew-Imfolozi and Kruger were fantastic; the wildlife was amazing, and the accommodation all the camps we stayed at was excellent. We also really enjoyed the night drives. The only minor issue we had was when we went to leave Kruger and the ranger at the exit gate wanted to see the paperwork for booking our accommodation - I explained that we didn't have any paperwork, just booking numbers, which I could give him. Eventually he accepted this and let us leave, so it wasn't a problem in the end.

So thank you so much for arranging these bookings for us. We had a great trip, and would love to have the opportunity to go back one day.


Name: Susan Patterson
Date: 15 August 2013
Amakhosi Safari Lodge, Northern KwaZulu-Natal

As reported on TripAdvisor :
“Amazing Experience at Amakhosi”

My friend and I had booked two days/nights at Amakhosi, and within 10 minutes of arriving, we immediately booked a third. This was my first safari experience, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but everything about our stay was perfect. The staff was wonderful, the suites and main lodge were luxurious without being pretentious, and the food was amazing. When I told them in advance that I was a pescetarian, but would eat a vegetarian meal if fish wasn't available, I was secretly expecting a cheese sandwich or pasta at every meal, but I was very pleasantly surprised to have a delicious seafood dinner made especially for me each night. The game drives with Kevin and Mandla were always an adventure, and Kevin was great about answering the 500 questions we bombarded him with each trip. I have a "no repeat" rule when it comes to international travel, but might make an exception and return to Amakhosi.

Name: Andrew Codd
Date: 10 July 2013
Mantuma Camp, Mkuze Game Reserve

Hi Keith
Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank-you for arranging the Mkuze leg of our trip. Everything went smoothly and we had a magic time – the tent you booked was the best of the lot with a view out into the bush rather than of the rest of the camp/other units. Will definitely go for this one again (although sadly probably only this time next year!).

Thanks again for great service!

Name: Bryan Cockel
Date: 02 July 2013
Mpila Camp, Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

Thanks for your great service Keith. I'll make it a point to recommend you at the appropriate Web sites.

Name: Karin Marwick
Date: 19 June 2013
Nselweni Bush Camp
- Hluhluwe iMfolozi Reserve

Hi Lisa,

We had the most wonderful weekend away. The camp you booked us in was just amazing and you landed us the best room. We had the Nyala shyly visiting us the first half an hour, amazing bird life and well, you really got us sorted. The staff said it was the best room in the camp and it really was. Thanks so much for your help, and I will be back. I can  highly recomend the camp and accomodation to anyone.

Karin Marwick

Name: Grant Robinson
Date: 12 March 2013
Munyawaneni - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Reserve

Hi Keith

Just a quick one to let you know we had a sensational time at Munyawaneni. It exceeded our expectations in every respect and was a brilliant way to end off the South Africa tour.Thanks for all your help and patience in securing Munyawaneni --- much appreciated.


Name: Manfred Family
Date: 12 March 2013
Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Reserve

Hi Keith
We are back in Germany since Saturday. We had a very nice time this time in ZA , i say this because we have been to ZA 5 times in 3 years.

Mpila and the tent-camp is just great for the feel of true nature with very nice people and staff around.
I, of course, wrote my very positive feed-back and had it published in "Trip-Advisor" today.

Thank you for your help and i will contact you on our next trip soon,

Regards Manfred

Name: Kate Ross
Date: 12 March 2013
Gqoyeni Bush Lodge - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Reserve

Hi Keith,
I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had at Gqoyeni. 
Beautiful spot in a beautiful reserve! 
To be so removed from everything was really a treat. 

However we all thought the place was a bit dirty - completely understanding that we are out in the middle of the bush - but a little more attention is needed. 

Thanks & Best Regards,

Name: David Price
Date: 25 May 2012
Hilltop Camp - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

Hi Jeremy,

Pleasure – Thanks for finding the accommodation and saving the anniversary weekend!!. Your service has been excellent.
We will always approach you first for all our future trips.


Name: Susan Grave
Date: 12 April 2012
Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park - Munywaneni Bush Lodge

Morning Keith

Trust you had a very happy & peaceful Easter.

We had a most superb time at Munyawaneni - it was really appreciated by the CT contingent! Great early morning walks and much game viewing, but none of the cats. Thankfully saw many Rhino.
I'd like to get a message through about the wonderful services by Simon (the cook) and Samora (the field guide) .. well worth the extra money for the pair of them! Such interesting fellows .. Simon was most innovative with his cooking & prepared the best braaied fillet I've had in a long while. I didn't do any of the walks but the others found that Samora's knowledge was invaluable'.

Thanks for your services .. shall probably use them again for a trip middle of next year.

Kind regards
Susan Grave

Name: Andreas Shoredits
Date: 11 July 2010
Mpila Camp, Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

We had a lovely stay in the park and were the most pleased with the Mplia safari tent. It is a wonderful camp site and we saw plenty of game on that side of the park.

The only problem we had was when we got to the Hluhluwe Hilltop camp were we where inconvenienced by incompetent service. First we were told that breakfast would be an additional cost and then we were also booked into a chalet to find someone comfortably settled in our unit!
All did however come right in the end as we sorted out the breakfast issue (as this turned out to be a problem of....we still don't know!) and we were accommodated in a two bedroom chalet.

The breakfast was incredible and the spread was unparalleled.

Thank you very much for reserving everything for us as it was an unforgettable adventure.


Name: Steve Eldridge
Date: 10 July 2010
Safari - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

Hi, we have just arrived back in UK. We had an excellent safari, all be it short, we will book longer next time! Keith was the perfect guide - both knowledgeable and good company.
Please pass on our sincere thanks.

Name: Stewart McNeill
Date: 30 June 2010
Hilltop Camp - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

thanks very much for your help. I got home this evening from an overnight at hilltop camp and had a great time.
I've recommended it to other work colleagues who will be looking at heading up in the next few days.
all the best

Name : Marilyn Enos
Date: 12 May 2010

Thank you so very much! We had an incredible time in South Africa. Chris was a wonderful guide.

Name : Karin Aggouras
Date: 12 April 2010

Many thanks for everything you organized. We had a good time

Kind regards
Karin - Property Consultant

Name : Shana Doyle
Date: 16 February 2010
Mpila Camp - Safari tents - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

I just want to thank you for organising Mpila for us for the weekend just passed. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for all your assistance, I will definitely go through you in the future for any bookings.


Name: Naidoo party
Date: 3 December 2009
Mpila Camp, Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

Just wanted to say we had an awesome holiday and will definitely be using Far and wild Safari's again and recommending you guys and Mpila to all our friends. We happened to notice that their bug repellent worked beautifully and were wondering where they got it from? It's called Bugger Off? Would you be able to find out for us?
Anika Naidoo

Name:Kakkad party
Date: 22 November 2009
South African Safari

Dear Mr. Jeremy Williamson:

We have returned from our trip to SA. It was one of the greatest and best travel.
All the reservations done by you were their and all worked very well. We had great game and enjoyed Natal Zulu parks most.
Definitely coming back to SA.

Again thank you for last minute help and bookings. Next time I will email you first and do all bookings through you.

Dilip Kakkad

Name: Fabiani party
Date: 15 October 2009
Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

Hi Jeremy & Dean:

We just arrived back in the States from our vacation to Mpila which was just fantastic. We saw the Big 5. On our last day we saw a Leopard at 9am right next to the road, and later came across 5 lion resting up near some rocks.

Thanks for sorting out our accommodation, we even had a hyena walking around our outdoor fire place looking for scraps.

Victor and Kathy

Name: Grislain party
Date 14th September 2009


Just a few words to say that we were very happy with our tour. We saw a LOT of animals...
Chris was a wonderful guide and very nice company. We learned a lot with him, about your wonderful country and about the animals.
Best regards, you are a great team!!

Martine Grislain

Name: Miller party
Date: 18 August 2009
Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

Dear Jeremy

Have just returned from S Africa and we really enjoyed everything . especially the 3 nights at Mpila and Hilltop which you booked for us. Thanks for the plan for the 3 nights- accommodation and wildlife sightings were superb in every respect.

Kind regards

Name: Cook party
Date: 16 August 2009
Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park Safari


Thanks for the really lovely trip. You're a fabulous guide! I'm amazed at how easily you interacted with Robert.

The B&B is excellent. We have a whole apartment, with large verandah overlooking the pool. It seems quite secure. We took a taxi to the Hilton this afternoon for the opening ceremony, and got take-away from Nando's on Florida Rd for tea. I think we will be fine. Its a little like Bogota, keep money in pockets rather than carry a backpack or purse, leave valuables in the safe and keep eyes open.


Name: Harley party
Date: 8 July 2009
Hluhluwe uMfolozi Park Safari

Now that we are all back in England we wanted to email you to thank you for the wonderful time you enabled us all to have when you took us up to uMfolozi.
We all had a great time and appreciated your patience with us in answering our numerous questions.
There is an Elephant in my mirror is a statement that we will all never forget. Les and Chris I know both also really enjoyed themselves. Now we are beginning to sort out some of our photographs we are realising even more how lucky we all were. Thank you very much also for your advice re Rorke's Drift which we made on the Friday and Lesotho which we didn't make. That is for the next time. We all have every intention of returning.
Thank you and every best wish Chri Hartley.

Name:Shafer party
Date: 2nd July 2009
Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park 5 day - Safari

Hi Keith & Jeremy,

Joanna and I had a wonderful time on our honeymoon safari, and Chris took great care of us. I'm very happy that it all worked out so well.

Thank you,

Name:Davis party
Date: 1st July 2009
Hluhluwe iMfolozi 3 day Safari

Dear Jeremy,

Just a quick line to thank you for a fantastic experience. Our 3 day trip was made a real adventure by Keith.
He has looked after us like royalty throughout our trip & I would recommend your tour and especially Keith to ALL our friends.

He has a fantastic knowledge of your lovely country and made the whole trip so interesting. Keith made us feel safe and comfortable at all times and his spotting of game was truly awesome.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any potential clients. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a personal

Best Regards & thanks
Les Davis

Name: Faust party
Date: 1 July 2009
Hilltop Camp - Hluhluwe iMfolozi park

Dear Jeremy,

We had a lovely stay at Mtwazi Lodge. Beautiful accommodation, good service and excellent game. Will contact you in the future for further accommodation.
Regards Dianne

Name: Shafroth party
Date: 22 April 2009

Dear Jeremy,

I’m finally writing to thank you for your help with travel arrangements, recommendations, and for the time you spent with me in Durban on the first day of my KZN adventure. Everything went fine – only a couple of minor issues, which, fortunately didn’t end up being a problem (one was that the iMfolozi River had flooded the road into the park from the main entrance, so I ended up driving around through Nongoma and into the park from the Ulundi side; the second was a flat tire, which fortunately became evident only as I pulled into the Sodwana Bay Lodge, where they had a mechanic who patched the tire while I was diving the next day!). I didn’t see any big cats, but certainly plenty of other game. I had one good day of diving at Sodwana, but there was a lot of surge on the second day, and so we only did one dive. St. Lucia was great. Ndumo, nice and private, but a bit muddy as it had been raining! And, I really liked Ithala. So, it was a trip of a lifetime, and I owe some of that to you!

Best regards,

Patrick Shafroth

Name: Hoath party
Date: 25 October 2008

Hi Jeremy.
Just a quick line to thank you for the service provided by your company which contributed to us having a fantastic honeymoon. I particularly wanted to say what a great tour guide you have in Chris. It takes a lot of patience and excellent social skills to spend four days in close proximity with two strangers. Chris managed to pull off the amazing feat of organising things with meticulous planning and structure whilst keeping the tour totally laid back and relaxed. We felt at ease throughout and his enthusiasm for imparting his seemingly limitless knowledge on south african wildlife and culture meant that we were always interested and entertained.

We will definitely recommend far and wild to our friends. Thanks again

Mark and Caroline

Name: Baum party - Australia
Date: 8 December 2007

Dear Jeremy
Just a short note to say that we had a fantastic trip. Chris was the most wonderful guide and we were lucky enough to see much more game than we expected in two days. I will be recommending you to a friend Gwyn Jolley who will be travelling to South Africa next year.

Thanks again Fran
Professor and Head
Department of Public Health

Name: Emile
Date: 24 October 2007

Hi To the Far & Wild Team

Merci beacoup for the wonderful chalet and the fantastic time in Hilltop. Just wonderful and just as I remembered it. We Frenchies had lost in rugby on our very first night in Hluhluwe. You'll never believe it but we saw everything except Cats (but I wasn't counting on it) but especially NO ELEPHANTS, funny how nobody seems to believe me.

Will refer you to anybody wanting to go to the Elephant coast.

Baie dankie

From: Ron von Allworden
Sent: 27 November 2007 11:51 PM
Subject: South African Safari


I am writing to let you know that our safari with Chris le Roux was most enjoyable.  Chris' knowledge of the area, political and cultural insight and, of course, wildlife expertise made our safari unforgettable.  You should consider yourself fortunate to have such professional assets as Chris.  I'll recommend him to anyone headed to Durban.

Ron von Allworden

(Trip dates 04, 05, 06 Nov 2007)


I have finally returned home to the United States from my holiday in South Africa.

Please, please, please tell Warrick thank you; he was a wonderful guide.
Warrick has such a warm personality, that he made us comfortable from the start. He not only guided us through Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park, but he also provided us with a great deal of South African history. His knowledge of South African and its people was magnificent. The history lesson that he provided during our 2-day Zululand and Safari visit enhanced our experience.

I will definitely use Far and Wild Safaris on my next visit to South Africa. Additionally, thank you for meeting our expectations. Feel free to use my comments as a reference.

Thanks again.
April D. Myrick, MBA, PMP

Hello Jeremy

We have been seeing almost every animal that are avialble to see. The only ones we didn't see was lions and lepards. Those we will see next time. Everything has been working perfect. We got an extra night at Hilltop.

Thanks a lot
Björn Löfgren

Hi Jeremy.

Thanks very much for recommending Mpila camp at uMfolozi. For both my wife and I (although not used to getting so close to wildlife) it was an incredible experience seeing animals so close at hand (we were only told the next day that Mpila camp was not enclosed. IT WAS REALLY FANTASTIC.

I wonder if you could assist me with the following enquiry. I have a niece from Italy who is very keen to visit the Kruger Park round about July/August this year and she is looking for a guided tour of the park including accommodation and transfer to and from the park from her hotel in Johannesburg. Does your company provide such a service? If not is there a company that you would recommend. Your assistance will be appreciated.

Kind regards

John Kriel

Dear Jeremy,

We had a fantastic time on the safari and what made it so special was having Peter Whylie as our guide.  What a gracious, knowledgeable man he is.  Thank you for arranging for him to be our guide.  My husband and I agree that he made the experience First Class. 
Most sincerely,
Robyn Perrin

Dear Jeremy,

Mr & Mrs Karg have asked me to convey their sincere appreciation for the efficient way their tour was handled as well as courteous manner of the tour operators and the friendliness of the staff and guides at the various locations. 
Kind regards


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